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Do I have to have Pat testing done?

Yes, and no.  Very small businesses 5 employees or less have no requirement for this.  Mobile DJ or musician? Most venues will require evidence your electrical equipment is pat tested, and just a label isn't usually good enough. 

Bigger companies, your duty holder is responsible for the safety of the electrical items and tools the employees use, and its their decision as to how and the frequency testing occurs.

Schools? The pat test manual from the IET recommends yearly for almost everything.

In all cases you should at least complete your own risk assessment, explaining what and why you consider a safe testing and recording policy.

What about 110v tools and leads?

Most sites will ask for proof you've had your equipment tested, as do CHAS.

Some items leads etc, are recommended every 3 months for testing.

Who's responsibility is it?

You the user are expected to check electrical items every day before use, especially leads and extensions, are they plugged in properly and do they show any physical damage?

The duty holder for the site or building has ultimate responsibility to ensure that items are checked and listed as being safe for use.

We can advise you of likely testing periods, and our information comes from the IET manual for periodic inspection and testing.

Do I have to test everything?

Again yes and no.  If you've not had anything tested before, then yes you will to give you a base starting point upon which to make future risk assessment.

Depending on the work environment and type of equipment, you may have to test less frequently for some types of equipment than others. We strongly advise you check your insurance policies too, some insist on annual testing, and so do some landlords.

Rented equipment? Copiers and water coolers etc, once you've had them onsite for more than 2 weeks, its your responsibility, not the company you rented it from.

What does the law require?

You will need to read up on Health and Safety at Work Act (1974), The Electricity at Work Regulations (1989), Provisional and use of Work Equipment Regulations (1998) and The Workplace (Health,Safety and Welfare) Regulations (1992).

How long does it take?

Depends on the amount of equipment you have. You should expect a fairly accurate estimate of time once we know how much equipment you have, and any access restrictions or requirements.

You should expect full results within 5 working days in pdf format, as well as any summary reports you may want from the types available.